Things to know when replacing your kitchen cabinets


  1. Do your homework! Know the style, species and color scheme you want before actually doing anything.
  2. Make sure the styles you chose will go with the rest of your house to avoid having a half-updated feeling.
  3. Seek out cabinet or design professional to draw and scale an accurate representation of your vision. 3D design is a bonus.
  4. Be prepared to have your kitchen out of commission for about 3 weeks (sometimes longer depending on the size of the project) this includes demo, new plumbing, electrical, drywall and paint.
  5. Shop around! Some places have higher quality and higher prices, some have the color you want but with lower quality wood and some will be just right.
  6. Know whether you will need to hire a contractor or electrician or plumber and plan accordingly. Depending on the year the house was built, you may not have electrical and plumbing up to code.
  7. Are you replacing countertops? If yes, the kitchen can be out another 3 weeks or more as they cant template until the cabinets have been installed.
  8. Know it is going to cost you some money. When replacing or remodeling of any kind, you will need to have anywhere from $5,000-$20,000 in your budget.
  9. Are you replacing your floors? If not, you may need to keep the same exact design because it is likely your floors were butt up to the cabinets not underneath the cabinets.
  10. Know that replacing cabinets, though more time consuming, is a less difficult job than refacing cabinets. (most cabinet business will sell products to reface, but will not do the labor required)

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